‘I Did Not Over Commit Gov’t’– Kofi Woods Fights Back

Former Public Works Minister Samuel Kofi Woods has his back as his critics in government and predecessors, accusing him of over committing government to construction companies to while he led the country’s infrastructure arm of government between 2009 and 2013.  

“I did not in any way over commit government [through the signing of contracts]. Every agreement signed during my stewardship as Minister was done in line with government’s established policies,” Woods told a Press conference last Wednesday in Monrovia. “The Public Procurement and Concession Commission was aware, the Ministry of Finance was involved and the Ministry of Justice attested to these agreements.” Continue reading

LLiberians Face More Ebola Danger: ‘Suspects’ Go Hiding

Deaths relating to the incurable Ebola virus in Liberia has hit at least 12, and the Ministry of Health has warned that more danger and threats as individuals suspected to be affected by the virus are going into hiding.

More than 20 other individuals are currently under surveillance after being suspected of coming in contact of victims of the virus, a Health Ministry Statement issues in Monrovia Tuesday (Apr 8) evening said. Continue reading

New Georgia Baptist Church Takes Ebola Campaign To The Pulpit

Officials of the New Georgia Baptist took to the pulpit Sunday (April 6) morning to create awareness on the deadly Ebola virus which has so far claimed seven lives in the country.

The virus outbreak erupted late March when some individuals are reported to have crossed from neighboring Guinea to seek medication in Lofa County. Continue reading

Ebola Kills 7 In Liberia, But Ellen Demands Calm

ImageFollowing public criticism of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf alleged inaction to lead the country in battling the deadly Ebola virus outbreak, the Liberian leader has broken silence from abroad, calling for calm, though seven lives has already been claimed by the disease, according to health authorities.

The Ebola virus entered the country late March when some citizens from the sisterly Republic of Guinea reportedly crossed into Liberia to seek medication from the virus which has killed at least 100 people in that country. Continue reading

EU-Africa Summit: Peace and Security Remain Fundamental Priority

The fourth EU-Africa summit that just finished in Brussels brought together the leaders of the EU and the African countries, and their respective Institutions, with the objective of further deepening the relations of both continents.

EU President Van Rompuy

EU President Van Rompuy

Under the theme “Investing in People, Prosperity and Peace” the two days event closed with the commitment to deepen and widen the cooperation. The first EU-Africa summit took place in Cairo in 2000. Since then the two continents have profoundly changed, economically and politically. Africa has risen, but instabilities have not disappeared. Continue reading

Is Liberia tired of NGOs?

By Global Witness Liberia
ImageTen years after Liberia’s civil war, the government of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is held up as an example of how reformist leadership can bring peace and democracy to a devastated country. However, recent persecution of civil society groups in Liberia, capped by troubling statements by the President, suggests that the country’s government no longer respects civil society independence. At the same time, the Liberian government has also reacted positively to some concerns raised by civil society groups, promising people living on a large palm oil plantation that their lands would be respected. Continue reading

Liberia’s Journalist Union Chief Preaches Freedom For All

Press Union of Liberia (PUL) President Abdullai Kamara says forging beyond Liberia’s post conflict status requires obligating ourselves to participate in reconstructing and developing the country and advancing safeguard against activities which caused the conflict in the first place.

Press Union of Liberia (PUL) President Abdullai Kamara says forging beyond Liberia's post conflict status requires obligating ourselves to participate in reconstructing and developing the country

Press Union of Liberia (PUL) President Abdullai Kamara says forging beyond Liberia’s post conflict status requires obligating ourselves to participate in reconstructing and developing the country

Kamara noted that ensuring the appropriate legal and operating environment that permits free space for impartial governance, opportunities for citizen participation and evolution of the society based on the needs and aspirations of the people, is a way of moving further away from conflict and war. Continue reading

‘We Won It With Our Blood & Tears’–Kofi Woods Raps On Free Speech, Press Freedom

There is no way one individual or a group of persons can exclusively claim the glory for bringing free speech and press freedom in Liberia, former Public Works Minister Samuel Kofi Woods declare Monday (May 24) in Monrovia, while challenging the country’s media to amplify the voices and works of the nation’s ‘invisible heroes’.

Woods speaking to journalists at Nubian FM in Payneaville

Woods speaking to journalists at Nubian FM in Payneaville

“We’ve fought all our lives to create the condition for so many media institutions to flourish in Liberia,” Woods stated when he visited and toured facilities of Nubian FM 96.7. “It will not be reversed by anyone because we earned it in the blood, sweat and tears of Liberians.”

Continue reading

Suspected Ebola Virus Kills Five In Liberia, Declares Health Minister

The Ministry of Health and social Welfare Monday (March 25) confirmed the death of five persons suspected to have contracted the deadly Ebola hemorrhagic fever in Lofa County.


Liberia’s Health and social Welfare Minister Walter Gwenigale

Liberia’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Bernice Dahn, said all of the five suspected cases were people who came from Guinea for treatment at hospitals in Foya and Zorzor Districts in Lofa County.

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PUL Charges Community Radios To Remain Voice of Inclusion

The President of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) Abdullai Kamara has admonished community radio stations across Liberia to insist upon their role of strengthening inclusion in Liberian society.

Mr. Kamara said, with the evolution of community radio stations in 2004, the national agenda has now generously included the voice of more Liberians across the country, engendering positive participation in development, electoral, reconciliation and peace building issues. Continue reading