Liberia’s new Internal Affairs Minister Harrison S. Karnwea, Sr. officially took office Wednesday, sounding a strong warning against any act of corruption under his administration.

During his take over ceremony, Minister Karnwea announced the immediate suspension without pay of the Assistant Development Superintendent for River Gee County, Mr. Alexander Yeaher, for alleged corrupt practices.

He requested Mr. Yeaher to cooperate with and turn himself over to the County Attorney of Margibi County to answer to allegation levied against him by the Margibi County Administration and to ensure that he is cleared also of the other allegation levied against him by the County Administration of Montserrado County concerning a project in New Kru Town.

Mr. Yeaher is reportedly indicted by the report of the General Auditing Commission for undertaking and not completing several government projects from the two counties’ administration in the tone of thousands of taxpayer’s money.

The GAC ordered a halt on his preferment by President Sirleaf, but he was confirmed by the Senate, following which he took office. However his new boss, appearing to have an iron fist against corruption, has spoiled Yeaher’s party.

“Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, as a show of the commitment of my administration’s fight against corruption, I have recommended to the President the immediate suspension without pay the Assistant Development Superintendent for River Gee County in person of Mr. Alexander Yeaher,” Mr. Karnwea shockingly declared.

“…Let us inform you that…under our leadership as Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Liberia, economic vampires or corrupt officials or persons will not be allowed an inch to siphon and funnel into their personal accounts and uses any money intended for any item or project intended to meaningfully impact the lives of our people who need more from us,” he warned.

The President requested Karnwea’s predecessor Ambulai Johnson (reportedly the President’s cousin), to resign his post as a result of breaching procurement procedures relating to use of the County Development Fund – monies allocated to each of the 15 counties of Liberia for the people in theses counties to point out and undertake development projects of their choosing.

“The new minister vowed that anyone who plays around the fund will receive a remorseless touch

“County Development Funds must and needs to be used for their intended purposes. Anyone who touches any money or thing not intended for you but for projects will be touched remorselessly by our leadership,” he cautioned authoritatively.

“Our leadership will reinforce vigorous monitoring and evaluation mechanism to ensure that monies spent commensurate with work done,” he continued. “To this end, we will beef up and strengthen effective monitoring and evaluation machinery of the Ministry in order to achieve much in this limited time.”

He warned that “lazy people who think that they will come to work and sleep on job instead of working will not be my friends and they need to rethink and readjust now and not later,” adding, “Let me also say that those who will be given instructions and will not ensure that those instructions are executed should also rethink seriously.”

He then lauded Mr. Peter Kamei, Deputy Minister for Planning and Research, who had steered the ship of the Ministry during difficult periods when Maryland and Lofa counties were in turmoil.

“We will work with you and all stakeholders to ensure that these matters are peacefully resolved,” promised.