A bloody clash erupted between police forces and protesting students in Monrovia Tuesday with several students falling victims to inuries and arrest.

There were two causalities reported from the police’s side, while several blood soaked students were rushed to nearby clinics for first aids.

Minor property damage including cracks on vehicle windshields was reported. At least 25 students were reported arrested.

The clash erupted when police – anti riot police – moved in to halt what they called a “violent demonstration” started by public school students, who reportedly overwhelmed the few officers that have initially stopped them from demonstrating.

Students of the Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS) had gathered at the G. W. Gibson High School (public) to protest the decision of their teachers who had laid down chalks in demand for salary increment for two consecutive school days.

The students said the action by their teachers was disadvantageous to their educational journey, especially as the days for the 9th and 12th graders’ national exams come closer.

They said they wanted to go to the Foreign Ministry to inform President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of their plight via a sit-in action.

However, everything turned out to be a bloodbath when they began throwing missiles at the police for thwarting their plan.

Multiple rocks, sticks and other deadly objects flew into the air, landing on top of houses, vehicles and hitting some passersby.

Hundreds of individuals compulsorily took to their heels for safety.

The situation was later brought under control, when pick-up-loads of police officers were called on the scene and overwhelmed the “rebellious” students. “Their action is quite rebellious, and they need to face the law for what they have done,” an unidentified fuming police officer remarked.

Several of the students were reportedly apprehended for what another officer described “subversive offenses and breach of peace”.

One escaping student, identified only as James, described the police’s action as “brutal intervention and a gross violation of our constitutional rights”.