The Ministry of Public Works has assured the Liberian people that its priority is to create great accessibility throughout the country to enhance the easy movements of people, and goods and services as a way of bolstering economic growth and development.

Speaking at the dedicatory ceremonies of two major roads in Paynesville last week, Acting Public Works Minister Victor B. Smith said the construction of more roads in the country was very fundamental to the country’s development.

Following months of  intense work, the Government through the Public Works Ministry, officially dedicated the Parker Paint-Neezoe and the GSA-Rehab Road last Thursday with the length of 5.1 Km and 4.8 Km respectively.

The completion of the roads will significantly impact free movements by creating alternative routes for motorists to by-pass the bustling commercial enclave of Redlight which causes heavy traffic congestions.

Minister Smith described the dedication of the road as one of the components of the Government’s 150-day deliverables.

He said government invested lots of money in the project, and lauded the construction company, SSF, for its contribution to infrastructure development of the country.

He urged citizens, especially residents of the areas where the road pass as well as motorists, to appreciate and take ownership of the road, which he said has now created great accessibility via which people can bypass the Redlight general market.

Minister Smith then indicated that Liberia has worked on and crafted several national development plans and policies in the past but had not implemented them.

 Many of those good plans, he observed, go down the drain upon the end of the Government that created them, and expressed similar fear for the Vision 2030 being crafted.

 If the Liberia Rising (V-2030) must survive, Minister Smith advised that it be legislated so the succeeding governments could abide by them as a way of moving the country forward.

 Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai officially cut ribbons to two newly asphalt paved roads in Paynersville and described their completion as another milestone in the rebuilding process of Liberia.

After dedicating the 5.1 kilometer long Parker Paint-Neezoe road, the Vice President immediately broke ground for the paving of the Parker Paint-Du Port Road route, before he later also cut ribbon to the GSA Road.

 Hundreds of jubilant citizens stood by to watch the ceremonies, with several to them chanting “No more dust, no more dust; thank you Ma Ellen.”

 The completion of the roads, which have already been in use for the past several months before yesterday’s ceremonies) has significantly impacted free movements of goods and services in the commercial district of Redlight and the GSA Community.

 Drivers, citizens and other road users can only now imagine and reflect on how travelling these roads were troublesome in both the rainy and dry seasons, when thick mud and smoky dust covered them.

 Vice President Boakai said the completion of the roads and the breaking of ground for another stretch signified government’s continuing commitment to infrastructure development and to improving the lives of the people.

 “…It is a big victory for all of us…and we want to thank God for His blessing for this road,” the Vice President said, thanking all Liberians and the construction company, SSF Entrepreneur, for working together to make the projects a success.

 Both Montserrado County Superintendent Grace Kpaan and Maryland County Senator John Ballout (Representing the Senate) said the complete paving of the roads is a clear indication that Liberia is being built.

 The two government officials applauded the local contractor SSF and the Ministry of Public Works for its oversight in the construction of the road.

 Senator Ballout said the money used to construct the roads came directly for the pockets of Liberians (taxes), not donors as is always insinuated, adding, while government was looking up to partners to help, “we are using the little resources wisely for the benefit of our people.”

 Supt. Kpaan said government has not only put smiles on the faces of its citizens, but has also made them proud by using their taxes to build durable paved roads.

 Earlier tuning the road over the Ministry of Public Works for dedication, Mentee Padmore, the General Manager of SSF, noted that the company was pleased to collaborate with the Government in the reconstruction of Liberia.

 “Once more,” he asserted, “SSF has demonstrated its commitment to the partnership with Government of Liberia by completing another road entrusted to the management of SSF.”

 “The successful completion of the pavement of the parker Paint to Neezoe and GSA Road to Rehab roads to the satisfaction of the Government and community residents will contribute to the government’s plan for Infrastructure development and poverty reduction in Liberia,” Mr. Padmore said.

 The construction of the roads started in November 2010. The 5.1 kilometer Parker Road was constructed at US$5.4 million while the GSA Road, 4.8 kilometers, was paved at US$4.53 million.

 No more will heavy dust spew into the air and spread into homes along the road during the dry season, nor will sticky mud cover the roads during the wet season.

 Citizens were heard saying, “No more dust, no more mud,” as they waved to the Vice President‘s convoy on a tour of the road.  Writes D. Kaihenneh Sengbeh/ +231 886 586 531