The President of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) Abdullai Kamara has admonished community radio stations across Liberia to insist upon their role of strengthening inclusion in Liberian society.

Mr. Kamara said, with the evolution of community radio stations in 2004, the national agenda has now generously included the voice of more Liberians across the country, engendering positive participation in development, electoral, reconciliation and peace building issues.

He said “with this history of support to significant developments in our country, community radios should not give in to any action that excludes others.”

Kamara recalled that “exclusionary policies and practices were responsible for various theaters of conflicts in Liberian history, and warned community radio practitioners to resist any attempts to resuscitate this.”

The PUL President made the remarks at the 3rd General Assembly of the Association of Community Radio (ALICOR), in Zorzor, Lofa County on Saturday.

Kamara regretted that there is a growing sense of exclusion in Liberia, which is permeating various social and political activities in recent times, including the Legislature, youth & student groupings, sporting bodies, political parties, local government, as well as community radio actors.

“Community Radios cannot support this form of exclusion, as it is a reversal of your historic role of bringing people together to voice their convictions,” Kamara argued.

Meanwhile, the PUL President has announced new measures aimed at enhancing inclusion within the media community. The measures include increasing the number of community radio practitioners within the PUL, and expressed hope that this will make the PUL more inclusive, drawing its strength from the groundswell of members across the country.

Kamara then challenged members to be more professional and ethical in their practice, as their contribution to improving media practice and participating in the development of Liberia.