Liberia’s Minister of State without Portfolio Commany B. Wesseh has warned citizens of River Gee County against what he calls “misguided information and sectional politics” and urged them to focus on the development and unity of the county.

Wesseh, who is a candidate in the impending October 14, 2014 mid-term senatorial election for River Gee County, averred that disunity and sectional politics will undermine much-needed development in the county.

Liberia’s Minister of State without Portfolio Commany B. Wesseh
Liberia’s Minister of State without Portfolio Commany B. Wesseh

Wesseh made the statement over the weekend in Clara Town when citizens of River Gee County residing in Monrovia presented to him a kola nut depicting traditional honor.

Just returning from the county,  Wesseh said it is unfortunate that certain citizens of River Gee with political interest in the county seat would resort to innuendos and other misinformation about his health.

“Regrettably some citizens of the county who apparently eyeing the county’s senatorial seat misinformed citizens in the county that I am suffering with serious heart problem and other illness that are making me unable to walk,” he added.

 “They also told the people that because of the problem, I have withdrawn for the upcoming October mid-term Senatorial race,” he noted further, adding “that is not true.”

He said that while it is the right of any citizen of the county to contest for any position of their choice, it is unfair to spread misguided information against anyone because someone desperately wants a position.

Meanwhile, Wesseh has admonished citizens of the county to remain united and warned them against acts that have the propensity to cause confusion in the county, adding, “the county will not attain its development objectives in the midst of confusion and misunderstanding.”