A tidal wave has hit densely populated communities in Harper, Maryland County, destroying properties valued at over US$200,000 and leaving some 100 persons homeless.

Harper is the provincial capital of Maryland County, and lies on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in southeastern Liberia, and is one of Liberia’s oldest cities. The city is the birthplace of the late President William V.V.S Tubman (18th  and longest serving President), and holds some of the country’s most attractive touristic sites. 

The Liberia News Agency (LINA) correspondent said immediately after the waves struck, the Nigerian contingent of the U. N. Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) rushed to the scene and rescued about 90 of the victims who are temporarily sheltering in their camp. In an interview with LINA Saturday, one of the victims, Francis Jefferson, said he lost all his belongings as a result of the early Friday morning disaster. Jefferson disclosed that Wholegray and Cavalla, located some 15 miles southeast of Harper, was also hit by the wave.

On Monday, Maryland County Representative Bhofal Chambers told journalists that the wave caused untold damage to the city, affecting some important structures that were over half a century old.

In a related development, reports from Grand Kru County say half of Po River Big Town has been swept away by the Atlantic Ocean, leaving many persons homeless.

This comes in sequence to what happened in the capital Monrovia Friday morning, when hundreds of citizens were left homeless after sea erosion cleared away and damaged their homes in West Point.

West Point is Monrovia’s biggest slum community situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mesurado River.

 The sea erosion, according to some locals, resulted into three deaths, but such claim has not been independently verified by this blog.

However, several properties including personal effects got damaged as a result of the sea erosion.