SOS: 16-Year-old Girl Going Blind As Family Appeals For Help


Doctors have warned that the surgery to remove tumors Vecencia suffers cannot be done in country and advised the family to immediately seek medical attention abroad before the situation deteriorates and ends tragically

The Family of Vecencia E. Mature, 16, is appealing to the Government of Liberia, humanitarian and religious organizations, as well as philanthropists to immediately assist in providing medical aid for their daughter and sister who has gone blind.

 Vecencia is a 9th Grade student at the ELWA Academy School in Paynesville City. The senior sister of Vecencia, Ms. Edith Mature explained that Vecencia unfortunately suffered loss of her sight while siting the 9th Grade West African Exams Council’s (WAEC) test recently. Continue reading “SOS: 16-Year-old Girl Going Blind As Family Appeals For Help”


Ebola Kills 6 In Monrovia Says Dep. Health Minister


Health Minister Walter Gwenegale (L) and Liberia’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bernice Dahn, who made the pronouncement

The deadly Ebola disease has hit New Kru Town on Bushrod Island, the fringe of Monrovia, killing six people from seven confirmed cases.

The Deputy Health Minister and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Beernice Dahn, told reporters that laboratory results confirmed that four of the deaths were Ebola-related, while one of the victims is still alive in isolation.

New Kru Town is one of the most congested and populated slum communities in Monrovia that usually suffer from outbreaks of communicable diseases. Continue reading “Ebola Kills 6 In Monrovia Says Dep. Health Minister”

UN Official Challenges Liberian UNMIL Staff To Aim High

The Director for Mission Support at the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), Hubert H. Price, has challenged Liberians to upgrade their capacities to compete for international jobs within the United Nations system.

Director Price explained that UNMIL is drawing down its mission in Liberia and each year staff of the mission, both national and international, are being downsized as the mission folds up operations in Liberia. Continue reading “UN Official Challenges Liberian UNMIL Staff To Aim High”