EU, ACP Issue Joint Statement Post 2015 Development Agenda

“Today the Joint Council of Ministers of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) and EU countries agreed on a joint declaration for a global development agenda for the time after 2015, once the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) reach their target date. We are extremely pleased by this declaration, which brings together 79 ACP countries and the 28 EU member states. It shows that vision and position for the post-2015 agenda are converging and that we can make good use of our partnership in tackling global issues.

Today’s declaration is a starting point for further dialogue and hopefully an intensified partnership as we work on the post-2015 agenda over the coming months and up until September 2015. Together, we can make a real difference and contribute to building consensus towards ambitious Sustainable Development Goals setting a new agenda for both poverty eradication and sustainable development.

The EU and ACP countries agree on the need for a universal framework, defined around a single set of goals and targets, while taking into account national contexts, capacities and levels of development. The new framework should integrate the three dimensions of sustainable development in a balanced manner and address, inter alia: basic living standards to ensure a life of dignity for all; the promotion of inclusive and sustainable growth; the sustainable use and management of natural resources; good governance, equality and equity; as well as peaceful and stable societies and freedom from violence.

As today’s declaration recalls, since they were agreed in 2000, the Millennium Development Goals have helped us to achieve unprecedented progress in development across the globe. It is now recognized that, for the first time, the world has the technology and resources to eradicate extreme poverty once and for all.

The post-2015 agenda is a crucial opportunity to finish the job of eradicating poverty and achieve sustainable development for this and future generations. The road ahead of us is still long and it will not be easy – but today’s declaration is an important step ahead”.


Author: D K Sengbeh

Danicius Kaihenneh Sengbeh (author of Sengbeh's Weblog) is a respected and renowned Liberian journalist, poet and writer with with journalism experience since 2001, of working both as a mainstream journalist and a communication/media consultant in Liberia. He is Secretary General of the Press Union of Liberia (elected Dec 2013). He was Assistant Secretary General of the Union Dec 2011 to Dec 2013. He is also Editor-In-Chief of The Informer Newspaper—one of Liberia’s credible dailies. Before joining the Informer, Danicius had served as reporter, chief reporter, sub-editor and News Editor at The Independent Newspaper between 2002 and 2006. Before then, he was reporter at the defunct Patriot Newspaper and Kiss FM 2001-2002. Danicius is a UN Media Fellow and Liberia’s first UN Medal Award-winning journalist for his contribution to journalism and for being the second Liberian journalist in 15 years to qualify for and successfully attended the United Nations’ Reham Al-Farra Memorial Journalist Fellowship Program in New York and Geneva, Switzerland in 2012. He earned a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Mass Communication and Sociology from the University of Liberia and a Diploma in Journalism from the International School of Journalism. He holds several awards and recognitions both in and outside of journalism, and carries dozens of certificates in journalism and communication from studies in Ghana, China, United States and Switzerland, among others. He volunteers as Chair of the Information and Communication Committee of his local Bardnersville community. He can be quickly reached via (+231) 886586531/777586531/777464018/

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