A meeting of the National Elections Commission (NEC), political party and independent candidates degenerated into a scene of fear over Ebola transmission through a microphone that was being shared by all speakers.
According to the Liberia News Agency, after the meeting was called to order by the NEC Chairman Jerome Korkoyah, who elaborated on the agenda, the floor was immediately opened for discussions.
After several participants made their inputs using a microphone, the atmosphere suddenly changed when one participant raised concerns over the possible danger of spreading the Ebola virus with several people holding and speaking through one microphone.  
“We are all holding this one microphone to speak,” the politician alarmed. “We have to be careful before we contract Ebola because that is how the virus can also spread from person-to-person,” he said.
The NEC boss and many of the participants immediately realized the logic of the argument and everyone in the hall immediately decided that the microphone be placed back on its stand at the podium.
The microphone was immediately recalled, and all the remaining participants went on the platform and made their contributions without the microphone.
Meanwhile, those that previously held the microphone, ordered a can of sanitizer which was circulated among the audience with everybody eager to have a drop in their palm.