EllenSirleaf-752427PRO-TEMP PICspeaker tylerPresident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and members of the National Legislature Tuesday held a meeting to discuss latest developments in the fight against the Ebola virus disease in the country.

The Executive Mansion said the meeting which was held in the Foreign Ministry’s C. Cecil Dennis Auditorium was also attended by Vice President Joseph N. Boakai. The meeting received briefing on the Ebola epidemic from the head of the Incidence Management System, Mr. Tolbert Nyenswah.

Mr. Nyenswah, who is also Assistant Health Minister for Preventive Services, reported lowering cases of Ebola infections in the country, but cautioned against complacency in observing preventive measures. He reiterated that “one infected person or dead body can trigger a chain of transmission that could contaminate an entire community.”

Minister Nyenswah thanked the government, partners and health workers for their leadership and efforts which are now yielding positive results.

During the meeting, President Sirleaf and the leadership of both Houses of the National Legislature resolved to further their consultations with various stakeholders, including international partners, to address the continued existence of the State of Emergency which expires on November 12, 2014.

The Liberian leader commended international partners, health workers and all Liberians for their contributions to the ongoing fight to eradicate the Ebola disease from the country.