Though she initially booted them out of government, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has directed that the three officials of the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) recently dismissed be “temporarily reinstated pending the fulfillment of certain conditions”, the Executive Mansion said Saturday.

These include the Deputy Director General for Administration & Management, Mr. P. EmMersyn Harris; Deputy Director General for Training & Development, Mr. Richard S. Panton; and Deputy Director General for Research & Consultancy, Atty. Harris F. Tarnue.

The Liberian President’s directive is the result of an investigation she ordered based on documentation submitted to her by the three LIPA officials protesting their dismissal for “unilaterally increasing their salaries in the absence of the Head of the Institute.”

The sequence of events and the facts uncovered from the investigation did not uphold the stated reason for the dismissals.

However, in light of the ongoing reform of Government agencies by the Civil Service Agency (CSA), the three LIPA officials will be required to compete with other candidates in the professional recruitment exercise to be conducted by the CSA in order to retain their respective positions if they successfully complete the process.